Release notes 2023.1

The following modifications and additions have been implemented in the Kano MDM modules:

  • Additional information about the method of entity editing has been added to the change log..
  • All data quality-related information is now consolidated into a separate tab for each record, facilitating easy access and data management
  • Access to the “golden record” information for duplicate records has been provided, enhancing duplicate management and data integrity.

In the area of new functionality development, the following innovations should be noted:

1.Image Processing:

  • The capability to display image thumbnails in grids and cards has been introduced;
  • The functionality to display files via a link has been added.

2. Data Import:

  • A feature has been introduced allowing users to select their interaction with data quality during import, enabling them to define a data processing strategy upon upload.
  • The ability to upload large files directly from the server via a specified path has been developed, significantly expanding the potential for working with voluminous data.

3. Work with the constructor:

  • Implemented functionality to remove multiple fields and columns when customizing forms and tables, which greatly increases the flexibility and convenience of user interface configuration.

The implemented improvements and innovations are aimed at optimizing workflows and enhancing data processing quality, which, in turn, leads to improved system performance and end-user satisfaction.

Additionally, a significant technological achievement should be highlighted. Specific work methods have been developed, for integrating with the comprehensive solution InterSystems HealthShare for effective data exchange in the healthcare sector.