Release notes 2021.1

Made improvements and additions in Kano MDM modules.

  • Changed the design (visual display) of deleted entities in the fields of the system .

From the new functionality, the following should be highlighted:

  1. Improved email-notifications:
  •   Added ability to send mail notifications not only to the user to whom rights are delegated, but also to the user whose rights have been delegated. .
  1.  “Requests” module:
  • Added ability to monitor requests that have been executed.
  • Added an option to copy requests.
  1. Introduced a new type of field, which allows linking two catalogs by type of relationship.  In this way, when selecting a record in a catalog, the system automatically shows it in the related catalog, but with the option to view it only.
  2. Implemented  a new module “Import templates”, to create templates for data import from file. Added the support of xlsx format.