Release notes 2022.1

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Some improvements and additions were made to the Kano MDM modules:

  • Functionality for monitoring the duration of the request approval process has been implemented. This  allows to optimize processing time;
  • In the record linking process, the linkage reason output feature has been implemented, which helps to increase data transparency and the deduplication process;
  • Data quality control is extended to every step of the request route, which ensures continuous monitoring of data relevance and accuracy;
  • A feature for viewing duplicates of the “golden record” has been added, improving data management and integrity.

Regarding new functionalities, it is important to highlight:

1. Significantly Expanded Data Import Functionality:

  • The capability to import from TXT and XLSX files has been implemented, increasing flexibility in data management;
  • A feature for selecting data loading formats has been implemented, expanding control over imported data;
  • Scenarios for handling detected duplicates during import have been developed, improving the quality of incoming data;
  • The option to create and use import templates has been presented, optimizing the data loading process.

2. Data Normalization:

  • Normalization has been allocated to a separate submodule, significantly improving the data preparation process for deduplication;
  • Both simple and complex normalization rules have been implemented, ensuring deep data processing;
  • The ability to apply multiple normalization rules to a single parameter has been implemented, which enables more fine-tuning of the normalization process.
  • Specific normalization rules have been established for each data type, enhancing their normalization accuracy.

3. “TreeList” component has been implemented, which provides the ability to switch to a hierarchical view of data, simplifying engagement with basic reference materials. This addition improves navigation and interaction with the system, allowing more efficient management of structured data.

These updates are aimed at increasing the efficiency and reliability of the Kano MDM data management system, ensuring a higher level of user satisfaction.

In addition to improvements and innovations in the system itself, a technology solution has been implemented. It enables Kano MDM to operate on the InterSystems IRIS for Health platform. InterSystems IRIS for Health is the world’s first and only specialized data processing platform for the healthcare sector. The advancements include support for the healthcare data exchange standard FHIR.